Increase Crop Yield on your farm with Yellowstar Bentonite

Water availability (moisture content) in soil makes a significant contribution to crop yield and quality. This is a well-known fact in every country that has agriculture at its heart, including South Africa. With an average annual rainfall of 460mm and an average evaporation rate close to 2,000mm, every farmer wants to keep their soil wet for just a bit longer, especially during the important growing stages.

The coarser your soil the quicker the water drains, water passes quicker through sand than through clay. Water stress kills not just crops but entire farming regions.


We use bentonite to turn your sandy soil into a water rich loam, perfect for growth. Bentonite is a water absorbing clay that as an additive, even when spread in low dosages, (100grams/m2) will improve moisture retention. Across the world reports of 15% to 30% increases in crop yields are commonly reported by improving the moisture content of the soil using bentonite.

Yellowstar Bentonite has developed LoamStar™, a pure granular bentonite product that can be conveniently purchased in 25kg bags, that can be applied by hand or machine. In addition to the regular LoamStar™, we also have LoamStar™UF, which as a bentonite powder can be applied in bulk and will show results even faster.  

The benefits of LoamStar™ and LoamStar™ UF are that it will improve water retention in sandy soils, absorption on non-wetting or water repelling soils. It is also excellent for changing the structure of barren or quick draining soils and increase water and fertiliser retention in sandy soils. LoamStar™ can be used indoors for pot-plants; around the home on lawns and vegetable gardens and farms. It also acts as a source of sodium and calcium.