With regular dam sealing products the farmer has to find the leak themselves. In addition you can only seal a water leak or seep in an earth dam only once the dam is empty.

Yellowstar Bentonite has a dam sealing clay called SealStar™ which is different. The small bentonite particles fill each crack and can expand up to three times its own size to thoroughly seal the crack.  Yellowstar Bentonite‚Äôs main product offers good value and can be sold on a large scale to farmers, who are willing to collect it themselves. The company also sells bentonite in bags of 1 ton and 25 kg.

Thanks to Yellowstar Bentonite’s dam sealer, the farmer has control over his dam and is assured of a reliable source of water. Farmers also use Yellowstar Bentonite to protect water pipelines, clean or filter water and to bind the feed pellets for their animals. The product is safe to eat as a binding agent.

The company offers value for money by creating durable solutions for any dam sealing problem. Yellowstar’s team is available to provide advice and support to any farmer anywhere in South Africa who is struggling with water leakage in their earth dams.

Farmers can arrange to load the bentonite directly at the plant during normal working hours or after hours by appointment. Yellowstar can also arrange delivery.

Excellent information on the operation of the products is available. Even if farmers do not buy at Yellowstar, its experts are still available to discuss solutions. Yellowstar Bentonite’s main goal is to help farmers. Visit the company’s premises and see first-hand what research is done and how products are prepared.