Pollution Seepage control is a requirement in a water-stressed country such as South Africa, where water resources must be protected from pollution, leaching and other heavy metals percolating into the groundwater. There are many techniques to protect these but Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCLs) that incorporate bentonite woven into its structure is very common. Bentonite is an important component of the numerous layers that need to be put in place, to protect the GCL as well.

Yellowstar Bentonite can advise on preparing:

  • Bentonite Enhanced Soils (BES)
  • Bentonite Mixed Aggregate
  • Bentonite Protection to GCLs
  • Waste Cell Planning

Yellowstar Bentonite product has been deployed to various projects including:

  • Environmental fly-ash storage at a large power station;
  • Mining Waste piles with risk of acid mine drainage; and
  • At a heavy-metal Leachate Recycling Plant.